A Fuel Technology Innovation Leader

WastAway headquarters and operating plant in Morrison, TN, southeast of Nashville

WastAway is a world technology leader in the conversion of municipal solid waste (MSW) into pathogen free, high-BTU fuel. The company was formed in 2001 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bouldin Corporation, a leading provider of agricultural automation equipment since 1959, to develop the company’s patented waste conversion technologies. Today WastAway is a full-service company providing production of SE3™, our clean, sustainable fuel, as well as innovative solutions for solid waste management.

The core of WastAway’s technology grew from contracts with the U.S. Army to provide demilitarization and waste disposal equipment in the 1990’s and led to invention of the patented Hydrolizer and a holistic, integrated approach to processing waste into clean fuel.

WastAway’s patented process (23 patents to date) has been used successfully for over fifteen years to help communities solve their municipal solid waste challenges. From technology application to equipment manufacturing and continuing technical development, WastAway is uniquely positioned to assist clients in providing complete solutions for solid waste management and sustainable fuel production:

  • The clean SE3™ fuel product has undergone extensive national laboratory as well as large industrial use testing
  • The United States Environmental Protection Agency recently issued a Comfort Letter regarding WastAway’s fuel, and designated it a “non-waste” fuel and a NHSM (Non Hazardous Secondary Material) product
  • WastAway’s first plant continues to operate commercially and serves as an R&D site over 15 years after initial construction